A Patreon

Probably for a long list of reasons, including stuff I could have fixed, stuff I can fix, and stuff that is just outside my control, the Kickstarter I launched seems very unlikely to fund. It is how it is on that front. So what to do next? A Patreon - Halfling Caravan Games @ Patreon The … Continue reading A Patreon

The Future…

After thinking about it for the last few days, I think I have decided what I'm going to do with this place. It's going to close for now. I'm going to migrate stuff here to Patreon, leaving them as publicly available posts, and eventually shut this down.

Project 39 – A Playtest Episode for Beta Maxx X

I've been smashing out stuff for Beta Maxx X, if you haven't seen anything about it yet, you can find things here, here, here, and some other posts you can find. To get it to the next stage, I've got a testing Character Sheet for Roll20 which is mostly functional rather than sexy sexy sexy. … Continue reading Project 39 – A Playtest Episode for Beta Maxx X

Undead are Fears – Mental Loss

The horde just drudge forward, a great mass of them that seem to only want to eat the minds of the living. There are a number of undead which are obviously there to represent various forms of 'losing your ability to think'. Whether they are because they will 'eat your brains', because they mentally numb … Continue reading Undead are Fears – Mental Loss

Undead are Fears – Abusive Relationships

As a little public service announcement, if you're in or not comfortable talking about features of abusive relationships, then this blog post may not be for you. I'm not going into nitty gritty details, but that doesn't mean it might not hit you places you don't want to be hurt. Maybe come back for the … Continue reading Undead are Fears – Abusive Relationships

Undead are Fears – Starvation

They rise from their graves, filled with a hunger to feed that will never leave them satisfied. They crave for... This is the starting description for many things from Horror Film, D&D Monster books, computer games and more. They give you a great starting point for how to make the past 'spawn' undead that make … Continue reading Undead are Fears – Starvation