Why is this here?

Yes, I am the stereotypical white middle class tertiary educated gamer... and maybe that makes me boring and maybe not.


A Clash of Courts for 2018 on Roll20

You can find my Marketplace items here: http://ow.ly/vhHd30h8LaF So on Roll20 for 2018, I plan to be releasing A Clash of Courts. I'll let everyone know more precise details but there will be 5 Acts, and they will be released every second month or so. A Clash of Courts You and your associates are travelling to … Continue reading A Clash of Courts for 2018 on Roll20

Undead Masterminds – Mummies

We've covered two broad types so far: Lich Masterminds, and Vampire Masterminds Which makes it time to consider another classic Undead 'Mastermind'... the Mummy. Now generally, Mummies are a very distinct kind of undead to the others. To set the field, like we did for the others, we'll list a bunch of the common properties … Continue reading Undead Masterminds – Mummies

Deals with the Devil: Ursula, the Sea Witch

I talked about making a Deal with the Devil for your players before, and while I was watching a movie with my kids an observation hit me. Don't be scared to steal a great villain, their modus operandi, or even whole chunks of their plot. Many of them are copies of each other anyway. One thing … Continue reading Deals with the Devil: Ursula, the Sea Witch